Below are links to my podcast, Warden’s Wisdom and its various episodes.  If you’re interested in a particular topic, check them out below, and feel free to email me at jimmywarden2437@gmail.com with topic or guest suggestions because I’m always open to new ideas.

Be Your Own Hero

If it’s not your jam, don’t put it on your toast!

Celebrate Micro-Progression

5 Ideas to Increase Focus and Productivity

FOPO: Fear of People’s Opinions

What I’ve Learned Through Meditation

Focusing on “Being” During COVID

Emotional Regulation

How to Live a More Virtuous Life

Living Life with Purpose and Meaning

Discipline Equals Freedom

Intentional Breathing and Physical Breathing

The Setbacks of Self-Sabotaging

Insights Into Imposter Syndrome

The Importance of Unlearning and Relearning

Seek the Proper Rewards

Behavior Design: How We Can Make or Break Habits

Tiny Habits: How Small Changes Can Lead to Big Outcomes

Finding Meaning in Life

WW Poems 5 – Stillness is the Key

WW Poems 4 – Limitless Mind

Fickleness of Flow

Transparency in Teaching and Coaching

What’s the Deal with Dopamine? Part 3: Creativity and Madness

What’s the Deal with Dopamine? Part 2: Relationships

What’s the Deal with Dopamine? Part 1: General Overview

Tap Into Potential with Visualization

The Origins of Warden’s Wisdom

The Phenomena of Habits


WW Poems 3 – Like A River

Dealing with Depression

What is Anxiety?  How can we cope?

How Socialization, Values, and Personality Influence Our Priorities

Sober October Recap

Polarity in Politics

Passion with a Purpose

The Art of Noting

Take Your Stance, Speak Your Truth, Be the Change

What is Your Character Like?

Takeaways and Tails from the Trail:Life Lessons from Our First Marathon

Right vs. Wrong: How Our Unconscious Bias and Core Beliefs Influence Right vs. Wrong

WW Poems 2 – Knowing

What is Courage?

WW Poems – The Ultimate Game

How We Can Live a More Virtuous Life

What Can I Do for Others?

The Light and The Dark


Thoughts About Life

The Social Media Myth

How to Handle Mistakes

Settling in a Relationship





How to Be Less Self-Judgmental and Self-Critical


Leaving a Legacy

How To Be A Better Listener

Letting Go


Patience is Key

Just Be You