3 Reasons Why Your Thoughts Are Real But Not True

Read this if you want to learn why thoughts are real but not true.

Nothing is Wrong

Atomic Essay 11 of 30: Nothing is Wrong This essay is about the judging mind and how it can be tamed. Read this if you judge yourself more than you'd like! #mindfulness #judgingmind #thinkingmind #selfawareness #personalgrowth #ship30for30

How to Eliminate the Effects of Negative Self-Talk

This is the first of 30 Atomic Essays I'll write over the next 30 days. It's about how to eliminate the effects of negative self-talk. If your self-talk sucks, give this a read!

How to Let Go of Your Negative Thoughts to Be More Present

This post is about how to let go of negative thoughts to be more present. If negative thoughts take you away from the present moment, read this!