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  • Why I Use We in My Posts
    This post is dedicated to explaining why I use the pronoun ‘we’ in my writing and in my podcasts. If you’ve been curious about why that is, give this a read!
  • A Theorist and a Practitioner
    This post is all about the difference between theorists and practitioners. If you’re curious about the difference between a theorist and a practitioner, give this a read!
  • Don’t Take Anything Personally
    This post is all about not taking things personally. If you find yourself taking things personally, give this a read!
  • Misconceptions and Real Applications of Mindfulness
    This post is all about mindfulness! The misconceptions that people have about it and its practical applications in real life. If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness, give this a read!
  • The Truth About Love
    This post is all about how unconditional love is the true way to love. If you’re curious about the truth of love, give this a read!
  • Living Life with Purpose and Meaning
    This post serves two fold; one as an honor and tribute to a dear friend that has passed away recently, two to serve as a reminder how important it is to find meaning and purpose in our lives. If you find yourself struggling to find meaning or purpose in your life, give this a read!
  • Time for What?
    This poem is a meditation on what people are doing with their time. If you find yourself squandering your time, give this a read!
  • Is the Grass Really Greener Elsewhere?
    This post is about the “grass is greener phenomenon”. If you’re a person that is constantly thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere, give this a read!
  • Why Should We Meditate on Death?
    This post explains thoughts about why people should meditate on mortality. If you find yourself worried about death or are curious about why we should think about it, this post may help you change your perspective!
  • The Importance of Core Values
    This post is about the importance of having core values. If you find yourself in constant disarray, it might be time to establish some core values. Look no further than this post for some insight on how to do that!

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