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  • Grateful, Part 2
    This poem is all about gratitude! A follow up to a poem titled, Grateful. I will try to release that one soon!
  • You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know, so be Gentle with Yourself
    This post is all about how we should try to be a bit gentler with ourselves when it comes to having regrets. If you find yourself beating yourself up over things you regret, look no further than this post!
  • Do What You Should Be Doing
    This post is about taking more responsibility for the things we should be doing. If you find yourself having challenges taking on responsibilities in life, give this a read!
  • Empty the Dishwasher Before You Do the Dishes
    A short piece about doing the “dirty work” before doing what we want to do. If you find yourself letting small tasks get in the way of doing what you love, give this a read!
  • You Can’t Please Everyone, But That Shouldn’t Stop You From Trying
    In this post, I discuss why we shouldn’t let those that are unsatisfied with what we do for them bring us down. If you find yourself upset over situations like this, give this a read!
  • Meditation in Action
    In this post I discuss different meditation techniques and how we can use them in our daily lives. If you’ve been trying to find ways to be more centered, give this a read!
  • Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, It’s Created
    This post is about how I disagree with the phrase “opportunity knocks” and feel it should be changed a bit. If you’re interested in my thoughts on that phrase, give this a read!
  • 5 Ideas to Increase Focus and Productivity
    This post discusses 5 practical ideas that can be used to increase focus and productivity. If you find yourself distracted often, give this a read!
  • Beware of FOPO: Fear of Other People’s Opinions
    In this post, I discuss what FOPO is and how the fear of other people’s opinions can hold us back from being not only our true selves, but our best selves. If you feel like you’ve been fearing other people’s opinions too much, give this a read!
  • How the Dunning-Kruger Effect Influences Our Habits and Ego
    This post is about how the Dunning Kruger Effect can have an influence on our habits and our ego. If you’re curious about understanding the Dunning Kruger Effect and how it influences our habits and ego, give this a read!

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