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  • Stop Looking for Hacks and Shortcuts!
    This post is about why we need to stop looking for shortcuts in life and instead should try to make lifestyle changes. If you find yourself always looking for shortcuts, check this post out!
  • If It’s Not Your Jam, Don’t Put It On Your Toast
    In this post, I discuss an analogy that I created that relates to how we can make more informed decisions about things we should or shouldn’t do. If you find yourself regretting some of the decisions you make, give this post a read!
  • Behavior Design: How We Can Make or Break Habits
    This post is a follow up to Tiny Habits, where I discuss in more depth how to design for specific behavioral change. If you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life, but are unsure where to start, look no further than this post!
  • Tiny Habits: How Small Changes Can Lead to Big Outcomes
    This post is inspired by my current reading of Tiny Habits. If you’re looking to make some big changes, but looking to start small, and need some ideas about how, look no further than this post!
  • Be Your Own Hero
    This is a post where I discuss how we can be our own heroes and there is no need to look outside of ourselves for inspiration. If you’ve been having trouble being inspired, look no further than this post!
  • Point the Thumb Before You Point the Finger
    In this post, I discuss a phrase from my high school basketball coach that holds a lot of wisdom about responsibility and accountability. If you’re trying to be better with responsibility and holding yourself accountable, look no further than this post!
  • Celebrate Micro-progression
    In this post, I discuss how it is important to celebrate micro-progression during our self-improvement journey. If you’re curious about what micro-progression is, and how you can use it to improve your journey, give this a read!
  • Persuading People to Rethink
    In this post, I discuss how challenging it can be for people to rethink their thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs. If you’re curious about why that is, or why you have a hard time rethinking, give this a read!
  • Intentional Breathing And Physical States
    In this post, I discuss a strategy that can increase alertness and calmness. If you are having some challenges finding alertness and calmness, give this a read!
  • The Setbacks of Self-Sabotaging
    This post is all about self-sabotaging behavior and how it’s a big obstacle that we all face. If you find yourself engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors, give this a read!

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