About Warden’s Wisdom

Warden’s Wisdom is a blog that was created by me, Jimmy Warden. This blog provides insight to different aspects of our daily lives and dives into some of the deep questions that we ask ourselves in our conscious minds. Its intention is to provide you with tips and tools to use in your own lives to help make it a little bit better than what it currently is by engaging in self-care practices. Warden’s Wisdom also has a podcast and poetry section in which I delve into more topics about mental health, such as anxiety, habits, and mindset. There is also a page where you can check out books I’ve read that have helped me along my life journey.

With that said, the information found on this blog is for educational purposes and practical application when appropriate, it is not medical advice. If you are curious about any of the topics I’ve discussed and are curious about what you’d like to implement in your life, please consult with your respective medical professional.

Feel free to reach out to me by following this blog or emailing me at jimmywarden2437@gmail.com