3 Mistakes I Made Early In My Mindfulness Practice And What I Would Have Done Differently

By Jimmy Warden

I have been practicing mindfulness for almost 5 years.

In that time, I’ve evolved in several ways:

  • I have greater emotional awareness.
  • I am more responsive.
  • I am less reactive.
  • I can see a whole perspective, not just one side.

There isn’t much I would change about my journey.

However, I made some mistakes early on. I’ve described them below, along with what I would’ve done differently.

1. Not having a set time to meditate

When I began, I didn’t dedicate a time of day to meditate. This made my practice clunky and inconsistent.

In my experience, the middle of the day was hard because people at work needed me. Late afternoons and evenings were also challenging because I had other responsibilities I wanted to take care of: exercise, dinner, family time, etcetera.

Looking back, I wish I had settled into a consistent morning routine for meditation.

Since then, I’ve established a great morning routine of hydration, meditation, and content creation.

2. Laying down in bed while meditating

There were mornings when I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I would reluctantly turn on the Headspace app and meditate while lying down in bed.

Big mistake.

I would just fall asleep and miss the meditation altogether.

In hindsight, I wish I had forced myself out of bed and into meditation.

Now, I remind myself of the value it plays in my life on days I don’t want to do it.

I’ve never regretted forcing myself to meditate.

3. Believing my mind would stop thinking

I thought the purpose of meditation was for the mind to stop thinking so much.

I was wrong.

I thought I wasn’t meditating the right way because my mind was so active, but I quickly learned it was – and always will be – part of the process.

This acceptance has helped me understand myself at levels I never imagined.

If you’re a beginner to mindfulness, please let me know what challenges you’re having.

I’d love to lend a helping hand.❤️

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