A Dead-Simple 3-Step Framework to Minimize Your Worries

By Jimmy Warden

Life sucks when you’re always worried.

You’re worried about what will happen next. You’re worried about whether or not people like you. You’re worried about whether or not you’re doing enough.

How do I know?

Because this was me.

It’s something I’m still challenged with, but mindfulness gave me a framework to minimize my worries. Because this has worked for me, someone who has identified as a worrier, I know it can help you too.

1.) Notice

Notice what you’re worried about.

You’re often far down the rabbit hole of rumination before you notice you’re worried. Falling into that hole makes you feel anxious more than you’d like. It also creates unnecessary suffering.

You can notice your thoughts with verbal cues you say in your head like:

• Noticing
• Worrying

Simply noticing your worries shrinks the chance of falling down that hole because it pauses their movement.

2.) Accept

Accepting is a transformative step.

Resisting the feeling of worry multiplies it. It’s your mind running away from its problems. Acceptance eliminates resistance.

When you accept your worries rather than resist them, you can handle them rationally.

3.) Handle it

Handling worry with a rational mind leads to personal growth.

You’re able to explore new dimensions of your potential. You’ll lean into the challenges life inevitably throws your way. There will be a newfound belief in yourself.

You’ll become a new you.

When you take the time to practice noticing worries, accepting them, and handling them rationally, you’ll live a life of peace, presence, strength, and freedom.

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