3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Invest in Yourself

By Jimmy Warden

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve spent over $8,000 on graduate classes, mindfulness classes, digital writing classes, and copywriting classes.

Most people are afraid to put down that type of money, especially with a limited budget. I was once that person, so I know how you feel.

You’re worried your investments won’t pay off.

Here are three ways I got over my fear.

1.) Believing in the ROI

I’ve had doubts, and still have doubts, about the money I’ve spent. I’ll have to make a large chunk of change to break even.

I’ve distanced myself from fear by believing the investments will pay off. I am confident in the knowledge and skills I’m obtaining because I’ll be able to offer valuable products and services. I’m on the right trajectory.

As biz whiz Alex Hormozi says, “It’s better to invest in the S & ME 500 instead of the S & P 500 because you can get to a point where you’re making 10x your original investment with the skills and knowledge you obtain.”

2.) Believing in a mission

It’s my mission to bring mindfulness to thousands of people at a reasonable price.

Learning about mindfulness practices has helped me believe in that mission. Learning the fundamentals of digital writing and copywriting has helped me craft essays and tweets to make mindfulness understandable. Taking graduate classes taught me I’m not 100% certain about how long I want to stay in the field of education.

I couldn’t have gotten to this point if I didn’t invest.

3.) Believing in myself

Believing in myself is something I’ve struggled with, and I’m still working on it today.

After investing time and money, I have a new belief that I’m capable of handling life’s challenges. I’ve learned timeless skills to help me for the rest of my life.

I’m ready to create my own life and walk away from what was expected of me.

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

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