3 Ways Communities with Common Goals Create Intimate Connections and Spark Personal Growth

By Jimmy Warden

Being in a community that shares a vision can be life-changing.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve participated in two communities that have altered my life’s path: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Ship 30 for 30. I learned a ton about mindfulness and digital writing.

I also learned a tremendous amount about myself, and I’ve met some wonderful people with whom I’ve connected deeply. The communities sparked a level of growth I’ve never been to before.

Here are three ways the communities did just that.

It’s hard to do something meaningful by yourself

Doing something meaningful by yourself is a massive challenge. You can feel like you’re alone.

Communities immediately take loneliness out of the equation. MBSR and Ship 30 ensured I wasn’t alone while developing my mindfulness practice and digital writing habits. My coaches were there every step of the way. They held me accountable, and so did my peers.

Knowing people were working with me let me step into growth and consistency. As a bonus, I’ve bonded with them over time.

Thoughts are heard and spread

Sharing ideas with people who aren’t involved in what you’re doing is like playing fetch with a cat; it just doesn’t happen.

Communities with common interests make it easier to share ideas. That can open your mind to new possibilities.

Talking with MBSR peers and Ship 30 peers about assignments and essays opened my mind to try different approaches, like changing my anchor during meditation or changing the formatting of my writing.

Shared experience allows for vulnerability

Vulnerability is a difficult door to open, but endless beauty is on the other side. When people have a shared experience, they’re more willing to be open about it.

Some of the deepest conversations I’ve had in my life have been with my MBSR classmates. Their willingness to be vulnerable and honest opened my mind and heart to people I never would’ve met.

All because we were part of a community with a shared experience.

What I wish for you

I hope you’re able to find a community that suits your personal needs; you deserve it.

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