3 Things You Do Everyday You Didn’t Know Were Mindfulness Practices

By Jimmy Warden

There are a lot of things you do every day that can be mindfulness practices.

  • Enjoying your first sip of coffee
  • Getting lost in thoughts in the shower
  • Exercising without headphones on

For mindfulness practitioners, that is common knowledge.

But to those who aren’t practitioners, it seems far-fetched.

Let me explain:

Any time you’re fully engaged in the present moment, you’re practicing mindfulness because life provides us with endless opportunities to practice mindfulness.

When you take that first sip of coffee, you feel that.

The adrenaline rush, the taste of the blend, the temperature. The affirmation that coffee is the best way to start your day. Then you notice a bowel movement coming on.

The same goes for the shower.

You feel the sensation of the shower temperature only to get swept away by your thinking mind. You recall saying something hurtful to a co-worker or someone in your family. You notice your mind’s attempts to fix the problems that arose from the interaction, and you try to hold onto the good ideas to try and solve the problem in the future.

Exercise without headphones also brings about mindful experiences.

The sensation of your feet hitting the pavement or dirt on a long run. The strain of your muscles while lifting a weight you were pretty sure you could lift, and now you’re unsure of what will happen next. The pleasant sensation of endorphins swimming through your skin complimented by the affirmation you’re taking care of yourself.

Each experience opens up many opportunities to be mindful.

So, what will you try to be mindful of today?

I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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