27 Things I Learned in a Silent One-Day Mindfulness Retreat So You Don’t Have to Go to One

By Jimmy Warden

  1. The wandering mind is inevitable.
  2. The mind is our most powerful tool.
  3. We have more power over our minds when we practice mental skills.
  4. Our ability to focus depends on our ability to notice.
  5. Gratitude and loving-kindness are the antidotes to negative energy.
  6. Acceptance and passiveness are different.
  7. Bliss can arrive after pain, but you have to be willing to lean into the pain.
  8. I don’t want to be a monk!
  9. Awareness is a superpower.
  10. Mindfulness is more than meditation.
  11. Everything has layers.
  12. Gratitude is inevitable when you think about the layers of life.
  13. Leaning into discomfort helps you make decisions.
  14. We don’t need our phones as much as we think you do; we’re not missing out on much without them.
  15. Mental training is exercise for the brain.
  16. Rewiring the brain is breaking it down and building it back up, like exercise.
  17. Being present has many variations.
  18. Acceptance is a strength.
  19. Vulnerability is a strength.
  20. The body sends us messages all the time.
  21. The mind does the decision-making, but it can listen to the body’s advice.
  22. Forgiveness is a strength, not a weakness.
  23. There’s a big difference between mindless and mindful.
  24. There’s a big difference between mindful and mind full.
  25. I’ve missed many mindful moments in my life.
  26. Releasing regret from the past can create tears in the present.
  27. Releasing regret can birth gratitude.

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