Why Charmin is the Wisest Company

By Jimmy Warden

Charmin Toilet Paper believes in something that other companies don’t.

In a world where people obsess over work volume, Charmin has a different approach. Their approach is a piece of wisdom we can all benefit from.

Less is more.

What less is more means

The less is more philosophy is straightforward.

It means you do less in a day. For example, instead of having 12 items on your to-do list and accomplishing several of them, you have 3-4 and tackle all of them.

And focusing on less has its benefits:

How it helps

Having less on our plates allows us to turn our full focus on a few essential items.

Instead of feeling scattered trying to accomplish an unrealistic amount of work, our work serves a greater purpose. The less is more approach also minimizes stress levels and sprinkles in realism because of the acceptance of the limitations of hours in a waking day.

Now that we’ve gone through the framework, let’s dive into how to do it:

How to do it

It’s obvious.

Put 3-4 items on your to-do list that require 30-90 minutes of focused attention. Choose the most important items. Your job, family life, or personal pursuits.

Throw all the other BS to the side and focus on what matters.

Thanks, Charmin!

Implementing this philosophy is a life changer.

You’ll move the needle on items you need to move the needle on, and you’ll feel damn good doing it.

Who knew a toilet paper company could be so insightful?

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