How Listening to Your Soul Can Get You Unstuck

By Jimmy Warden

Being Stuck

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Not sure what to do or what decision to make? If so, you’re like many others. Myself included.

When we don’t know where we’re heading in life, we spend a lot of time thinking. We weigh out the pros and cons, talk to people who’ve been in similar situations and think about the potential of each decision.

What’s the hardest part about that?

We’re trying to get clarity on something that hasn’t happened yet.

So, how do we gain clarity?

By listening to our soul.

The Soul

Our soul is deep within us. It sends us messages all the time.

It’s that uncomfortable feeling we get in our gut when we’re about to do something we know we shouldn’t. That’s our soul telling us no.

It’s that feeling of liberation we get throughout our body when we think about making a hard decision. That’s your soul telling you yes.

It’s part of our unconscious mind. It doesn’t worry about the opinions of other people or society. It doesn’t get caught up in thinking.

It knows what’s best for us.

The Soul at Work

I’ve had a hard time lately deciding if I want to continue teaching. It’s the only career I’ve ever known. I’m fascinated by mindfulness, and I’ve considered becoming a mindfulness teacher.

So, I thought about my conundrum. I thought about it, thought about it, and thought about it. The answers were scratchy at best. They came from the pros and cons and my beliefs about other people’s opinions.

So I asked my soul.

“Dear soul, should I be a public school teacher for the rest of my life?” My body immediately felt uncomfortable. I thanked my soul for its message.

Then I asked it another question.

“Dear soul, should I become a mindfulness teacher?” My body radiated joy. I smiled, and I thanked my soul for the message.

Try it Out!

Whatever challenge you face right now, use the wisdom of your soul to guide you if the path is unclear. Ask your soul yes or no questions.

It will respond in your best interests.

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