How Adults Can Become More Courageous

By Jimmy Warden

“All growth is a leap of faith in the dark.” – Ryan Holiday

Growing as a person becomes harder with age. Habits get cemented. Thoughts become rigid. We’ve had the same job for years. The same problems arise over and over.

Chances are you’ve dealt with those issues the same way each time. Running from them or numbing them.

When was the last time you were courageous when facing a big issue?

I’m talking about the issues that arise in your mind each day.

Should I stay in this job? Should I be with this person? Should I start a business? Should I mend my relationship with my parents?

Each of those problems brings up its own set of issues, but they all require something to get reconciled.


You must be brave to grow. It’s easier to stick to the status quo, so that’s what most people do.

Don’t be most people.

Instead, muster up the strength to snap out of your current reality to make the reality you want. Trust in good faith that something positive will come of it despite the difficulty.

As Holiday states in his book, Courage is Calling, it only takes a few seconds of insane bravery to be courageous. You just have to decide to be brave.

Think about it.

It takes a few seconds to decide to leave a job that’s eating your soul. It takes a few seconds to decide to leave the toxic relationship. It takes a few seconds to decide to launch a start-up. It takes a few seconds to decide to call your parents.

So don’t wait. The best time to start was yesterday.

Decide today.

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