How Millennials and Gen-Z Can Manage the Thinking Mind

By Jimmy Warden

The Angst

Ping! There goes your phone. You’re working on something essential, but you peek at the notification anyway.

You notice a friend texted you, so you text them back. You refocus on what you were doing.

Ping! There goes your phone. You think, “hmm, this could be important. I should check and see who it is.” Someone liked your recent tweet. Cool! You refocus on your task.

Ping! There goes your phone again. You feel anxious. You know you shouldn’t look at it, but you do anyway. Someone replied to your tweet. You know you shouldn’t engage, but decide to anyway because it’ll take 30 seconds.

PING! Forget your task; now you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Does this sound familiar?

The Challenge

A lot of people are dealing with this problem. Mostly, millennials and Gen-Z. For the record, I am a millennial, so I feel the angst that comes with this challenge.

Smartphones are a normal part of our lives. They go wherever we go. They answer all of our inquiries and keep us connected to people.

They’re our best friends.

In reality, our phones are toxic friends. They can control our decisions. They pull us in different directions to become a slave to our thinking minds.

We think we need to answer every notification to stay connected at every waking moment. In reality…

We don’t.

How can we overcome this?

The Solution


Noticing when we’re caught in the thinking mind brings us into the present moment. It creates awareness of thoughts when our mind has wandered away from our original focus point.

When we notice, we can refocus. Refocus on what matters.

Do that over and over. As many times as needed.

You won’t be a slave to your thinking mind anymore.

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