How to Let Go of Your Negative Thoughts to Be More Present

By Jimmy Warden

The Problem

Negative thoughts kill. They kill your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

They own your thinking mind. They take you away from what you do each day.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of how often their thinking brings them down. They get caught up in their thoughts and perpetuate them. They do this until they become physically exhausted.

This is a problem I’ve had all of my life and still have to this day.

But I’m getting better at not letting negative thoughts hold me back.


Through this simple (but not easy) three-step process.

The Process

1.) Notice the thoughts

Noticing thoughts is the gate to opening your mind. It’s not an easy practice, but it’s worthwile.

How do you notice your thoughts?

By noticing.

I use two keywords to become aware of my thoughts: notice and thinking.

It’s not an easy practice, but it’s a simple one.

Using a keyword or phrase breaks the train of thought and cultivates awareness of the thinking mind.

2.) Let it go

I guess Elsa was onto something with that song!

It’s true. You must let your gloomy thoughts go. Then, you can take over the reins of your brain.

Letting go empowers you to understand you don’t have to be at the mercy of your mind.

How do you let go of your thoughts?

Another key word or phrase.

I use: let it go.

That phrase is a way to get me back to the present moment.

3.) Return to the present

The purpose of letting negativity leave the mind is to come back to this moment. The here and now.

There was a study by Killington and Gilbert that was published in the Science journal in the year 2010. It concluded that adults in the United States spend 47% of their waking hours not paying attention to what they’re doing.


That’s mind-boggling. I wonder what the statistics say now!

People are insanely distracted nowadays. Thanks to: cell phones, the internet, and of course, the thinking mind.

The thinking mind spirals down into deep, dark places. Despite social media and other ways to connect with people, people get caught up in negative self-talk and depression.

How does returning to the present keep you out of your mind?

It opens your perception to everything around you. It creates an awareness of your environment. The sights. The sounds. The smells. The sensations of touch. Taste, if there’s food nearby.

Being present creates conscious gratitude for what you have. It creates inner bliss.

So don’t let your negative thoughts get to you. Notice them. Let them go. And return to the present moment.

Every. Damn. Time.

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