The Hulk Hogan Principle

By Jimmy Warden

Hulk Hogan was – and still is – larger than life. During his professional wrestling career, he transcended sports and pop culture. Everyone wanted to hang with the Hulkster or be like him. His charisma, work ethic, and trademark double bicep flex were people magnets. The interesting part about him is that he had a nugget of wisdom that he tried to live by, which I am referring to as The Hulk Hogan Principle. I recently learned about this principle from my uncle, an avid sports fan, who used to watch Hogan and other stars, like The Rock.

Hulk Hogan lives by this principle: You cut your own deals in life, brother!

The point of the idea is for people to understand that we are the creators of the outcomes in our lives. If there is something that we want to do in life, it is up to us to get it done. We have to own our lives; we make them or break them.

If there is a new habit we want to create, we have to plan it out. If we want to apply for a new job, we have to put the application in. If there is a place we want to live, we must research the housing available in that location. If we want to get out of a toxic relationship, it’s up to us to end it. No one else is responsible for what happens to us except for us.

I am aware that we don’t all start from the same position. Some people are born into a more difficult life than others, while others have more access to resources. To make a poker analogy: some people’s hands are better or worse than ours. To that note, our hands function the same way; we have better hands than some people and worse hands than others. This can make playing the game of life easier or more difficult depending on the hand we’ve been dealt.

No matter what cards we’ve been dealt, it’s up to us how we play them. We must play our cards well to make the most of our opportunities. There will be moments when we need to fold, bluff, or go all-in. It all varies on the current set of circumstances.

So the question begs: will you start cutting your own deals? And if so, how will you play those hands?

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