The Value of Time with Loved Ones

By Jimmy Warden

As a follow-up to my most recent post, Time is a Finite Resource, I wanted to discuss time in a different context.

Time is valuable. There’s no getting around that. Its value is incomparable to any tangible item we own. Time is a resource that does not give back, does not slow down, and eventually runs out. The amount of time that organisms have to live varies tremendously. Earth has been around for billions of years, yet there are living beings on this planet whose lives last less than a day. Humans, however, are fortunate enough to have a longer lifespan than many plants and animals.

Thousands of people have lived to over one hundred. Meanwhile, a large number of infants never made it out of birth. Billions of people lived to be somewhere in between. Due to this variance, we never know when our time will be up.

That’s why we should value the time we spend with loved ones.

We could live to be in our seventies, eighties, or even nineties if we’re lucky. So could our loved ones, and that would be tremendous. We’d have all of the time in the world.

Or so it seems. Because the real question is: how often do we spend time with the people we love?

It’s great if everyone lived to be the ages that were mentioned, but how many times a year do we see our parents? Grandparents? Siblings? Cousins? Children? Nieces? Nephews? Friends? If we’re lucky, daily or weekly. But soon, that turns into monthly, which turns into quarterly, which turns into yearly.

Let’s put some of those numbers into perspective. Let’s take this scenario: you’re 20 years old, your grandparents are 70 years old, and you see them once a year. Let’s imagine they live to be 90. Between the time you’re 20 and the time they pass away, you’ve only seen them 20 times. Even if you see them twice a year, that’s only 40 times in 20 years. These scenarios put life into perspective a bit.

Sure, COVID has kept us from seeing people, but how much time will we let slip away? Having good health includes spending time with those people I just mentioned. It’s so important for our emotional well-being. We get sad and depressed when we don’t see the people we love.

I understand that people live separate lives in separate places, but that doesn’t mean people can’t keep close relationships. Telephone calls go a long way. So do text messages, but there’s just something about a lengthy phone conversation with someone you love that really fills your soul. Even better than that is an in-person visit. This level of connection is the richest there is.

So take some time today or in the near future to connect with someone. Someone who has been on your mind lately. Someone you care for and wonder about. Someone you love and want to hear from.

It will be worth every second.

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