Time is a Finite Resource

By Jimmy Warden

Time is something that we’ve all experienced and are aware of. We can tell people what time it is, how much time is left until our shift is over, and what time we go to bed and wake up. We measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. We claim we’re a certain age based on our understanding of time. Sometimes we wish we had more of it and in other occasions we wish it would go by quickly. We’re also unsure of how much time we still have left.

This uncertainty forces our minds to play tricks on us. There are days when we realize what a finite resource time is; then, there are days when we behave as if we’ll live forever.

We all know when we’re using our time well and when we aren’t.

When we think time will last forever, we take it for granted and waste it. We scroll social media for hours. We binge-watch television. We mope and complain. We wish for better circumstances. And we blame the world for our problems.

On the days we recognize time’s value, we engage in activities we love to do. We are present with our partners, family, and friends. We showcase our love and appreciation for them. We value each moment and are content with our current set of circumstances. We solve our problems with focus and enthusiasm.

How am I spending my time?” is an idea we can think about until we take our last breath, and it is a guiding question that can lead to spending our limited days in a useful way.

So ponder that question today and for the rest of your days. It might be the compass you need to get you on the right path.

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