By Jimmy Warden

I never know what my limitations are
because I never seem to get to the point
that I’ve squeezed myself dry
like a sponge.

I’ve learned there’s only so much I can do
in a day,
but in a way,
that’s both liberating and depressing.

Liberating because it takes some angst away;
depressing because there’s always more to do.
There’s no way I can do everything
my mind conjures up in a lifetime,
so why even try?

Am I right?

Not necessarily.

Exploring personal barriers is like
following a map and creating new trails
as they are stumbled upon.

These blunders lead to personal discovery,
as I unveil
whom I can be.

New boundaries
lead to new trails to walk
because I’ve expanded my terrain
through trial and error
effort and failure.

Now tell me,
is that a waste of time?

Never will it be
because without exploring
I’ll never know what the limits are
for me.

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