Kindness is like a Boomerang

By Jimmy Warden

There’s a quote out there, I believe it was created by John Templeton, that states how kindness is like a boomerang. Templeton’s full-length quote goes into much more detail about how kindness is like that, but its central message can be understood with those words.

If you understand what a boomerang is, you know that when you throw it, it comes back to you. With this knowledge, we can utilize acts of kindness in the same way. If we are good to the people around us, there is a higher likelihood they’ll treat us well in return. Does this always happen? No. But that shouldn’t prevent us from being a caring person in the first place. When we’re good to others, we experience positive emotion. Our bodies and minds know we’re doing a good deed, so we feel joyful as a result.

The more kindness that we distribute, the more we’ll receive it back. It might not happen immediately after we’re kind. Sometimes, it takes more time for us to get a return on our investment, but it’s crucial to play the kind card to have it returned. And when we have good-heartedness on the front of our mind, it will be much easier to see it happening.

There’s a funny way that reciprocity works with the kindness boomerang. Reciprocity doesn’t stem from people keeping a scorecard of their own generosity and the generosity of other people. Instead, reciprocity comes from the law of karma. Even when an act of kindness isn’t returned at the same level or in the same way, eventually, good karma will come to the person who was nice.

So go do something kind for yourself or someone else today. You won’t regret it!

Taken from Google Images

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