Worrying About the World

By Jimmy Warden

I worry about the world
and everything that’s in it.
From the beauty and awe of nature
to the people that are living.
Not to mention the technology
that seems to be unforgiving.

I worry about nature
and how it’s affected by pollution.
This has been an ongoing problem
and we still don’t have a solution.
At the rate this is occurring,
there won’t be trees or plants for much longer.
Unless we rid the world of carbon emissions
and make solar and electric power stronger.

I worry about technology
and how it’s dehumanizing our people.
No need for in-person conversations
I’ll just text you, or tweet you, if I need you.
And when we meet face to face,
there’s no fluid discussion
because every chat that’s been had
has really amounted to nothin’.
Real conversations are in person;
you can’t tell me I’m bluffin’.

I worry about human rights;
I thought we had come so far.
But it seems there’s no end in sight
to lowering that bar.
For colored folks, queer folks, and every woman
in our nation.
Along with the Native people
who truly founded this nation.
Rights are being taken from all of them;
why is there still so much discrimination?

Although the future looks grim,
it hasn’t come to a conclusion.
I still have hope for our country,
but it’s going to take union.

So what do you say;
will you be part of the movement?

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