Be Careful What You Say to Others; You Might Bring Out Their Dark Side

By Jimmy Warden

At one point or another, everyone’s level of patience reaches a breaking point. For some, it may take five hours; for others, five minutes. No matter where we fall on that scale, a break in our patience is bound to happen. And when it does, it just might bring out someone’s dark side.

We all have what psychologist Carl Jung would call a light side and a dark side. The light side is pretty self-explanatory. This is the part of us that is joyful, positive, helpful, and optimistic. Quite often we think of this as our best self. On the other hand, the dark side is the opposite of this. It is the part of us that is angry, negative, greedy, and sometimes pessimistic. Depending on what has been happening to us during our day, we may exhibit more of our light side or our dark side. This is a big reason why we should be careful of what we say to other people.

When we are demonstrating our dark side through our words, it influences other people’s dark side to come out to play. The challenge there is that it could bring out a side of someone that we weren’t ready to see, and that could heavily influence who we think that person is. When we see someone’s darkness come to the surface, it makes us see them in a whole different light. Sometimes this can be a good perspective to see, but often it is not. We see their inner rage and anger burst through their being.

So we should be careful of what we say. We just might awaken someone’s dark side.

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