Everybody Has Vices

By Jimmy Warden

Over the weekend, a conversation about vices came up between some gentlemen and me. The big point that got brought up was everybody has vices. Some people’s vices are alcohol or drugs, someone else’s could be online shopping, while others’ vices could be driving a car at high speeds. Although these examples may all seem like negative vices, people often have positive vices, too.

So that’s why the question begs: Are your vices helping or hurting you?

This is something to consider in our lives, especially when it comes to self-care because vices add up. They are the little habits that we do every day, and they give us a certain level of enjoyment and satisfaction. They don’t seem like big deals in the moment, but the accumulation of them over a large number of days and weeks will eventually lead to some negative effects.

That’s why it’s critical to examine our vices every now and again. We’ll recognize they may not be serving a positive purpose. If that’s the case, it will allow us to figure out ways to change those negatives into positives by eliminating, minimizing, or substituting them for something else.

So take some time today to think about your vices. If they’re not holding you back, carry on! If they are, it might be time to switch things up a bit.

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