Don’t Poke The Bear

By Jimmy Warden

There’s an old saying out there that says: “Don’t poke the bear”. The meaning behind that saying refers to how people shouldn’t continuously agitate others because it could enrage the person who’s being agitated to the point of lashing out, and that won’t be a pretty sight.

For this analogy to sink in, imagine doing this to an actual bear. Imagine it’s sleeping or it’s as calm as can be; until you start poking it. And poking it. And poking it. What do you think will happen? Obviously, the bear is going to come after you, hard.

When we “poke the bear”, we’re making an effort to make someone’s day worse. We’re in someone’s ear making fun of them, we could literally be poking them to annoy them, or something else that we know will get under their skin. There are several reasons why “poking the bear” is something we should steer clear of doing.

First of all, that’s just being a bad human. Second, at some point the person we’re irritating is going to bite back (metaphorically speaking unless they’re Mike Tyson or a cannibal), and they’re going to bite back hard. Third, it puts a damper on your character. You’ll be known as an annoying individual and people won’t want to help you if you’re ever in need. Fourth, you won’t have many, or any, friends. People won’t want to be around you because you’ll be known as a nuisance.

To sum it up, in the most simplest way, don’t poke the bear. Everyone will be better off if you don’t.

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