Guns and People

By Jimmy Warden

The year’s 27th school shooting
occurred on the 24th of May.
It happened at Robb Elementary
in the town of Uvalde.
2 teachers and 19 children were killed
on this tragic day.
That stat is disgusting;
that’s not all I have to say.
We must get rid of our country’s gun fetish:
what’s the deal with that anyway?

Let’s make real changes;
have the Senate pass new bills,
so that it makes it harder for killers
to get off on cheap thrills.

Now before anyone comes at me
with some other approaches,
let’s take a minute to think
of one common culprit
involved in all of these massacres
it’ll take one moment.

Guns were always involved.
It’s a variable that’s been constant
in all of these shootings;
I’m just being honest.

Guns aren’t the only problem
it’s the people who hold one,
but why is it so easy
for anyone to get a hold of one
it makes no sense
you only have to be 18 to own one.

Can’t even buy tobacco,
but you can purchase a murder weapon.
No background check or psych evaluation,
those aren’t needed for checking,
to see if the purchaser
can truly handle a weapon.
To these cold-hearted killers
these gun laws are a blessing
because of how easy it is
to obtain any weapon.

From a 9-millimeter,
to a Colt.45,
to AR-15s and rifles,
to those, I ask, “Why?”

Why is it necessary
to get a weapon so excessive?
Other than to say to others
that you possess it.
I guess you could use ‘history’
and cite the Second Amendment,
but even the Founding Fathers
think that stance is aggressive.

I can understand hunting weapons
to me, that’s fine.
But a machine gun, really?
That’s hard to justify.

But that’s not the main point
that I’m trying to convey.
The real main message
of what I’m trying to say
is we need common sense gun laws;
here, in the U.S.A.

I’m tired of politicians
who sit around and say,
that they offer their condolences
and then they pray,
as they rake in their money
from the NRA.
There’s blood on their hands
it’s smeared on the victims’ graves.

And that’s why we need change
and why we need it today.
So go vote, use your voice,
there is no other way.

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