The Purpose of Starting Small

By Jimmy Warden

As a follow-up to Mastering the Art of Showing Up, I wanted to discuss the importance of starting small.

When we’re building habits, we must have the habit in place before it can be scaled. That is the main reason why it’s important to start small when attempting to master the art of showing up. There’s even a concept that James Clear discusses in his book Atomic Habits that gives a framework for mastering how to show up.

This is something that Clear calls the two-minute rule.

In this video, James Clear discusses the two-minute rule in a podcast interview.

The two-minute rule is a framework to begin implementing a habit. It requires us to pick a behavior that takes two minutes or less to complete. For example, if we want to get in the habit of exercising several days a week, perhaps we go for a two-minute walk outside. Now this seems a bit arbitrary because a two-minute walk really doesn’t do much of anything for the body, but doing this several times a week begins to build a walking habit. Once it is established, it can be scaled for improvement.

So, what are you wanting to try out?

Whatever it may be, just remember, it’s better to start small!

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