Mastering The Art of Showing Up

By Jimmy Warden

One of our biggest obstacles, if not our biggest obstacle, on our path to achievement is developing consistency. Life tends to get very busy, very quickly, and that affects how consistently we engage in the actions that we want to take in life. However, our inconsistency can be eliminated by mastering the art of showing up.

Life is always going to throw us a wrench or two each day (in some cases even several). Someone cuts us off in traffic, we’re understaffed at work so more tasks are added to our plate, the weather sucks, there are too many people at the gym, etcetera. These occasions are not planned for, so they often dictate whether or not we follow through on what we said we were going to do that day. Even though these are uncontrollable circumstances, we do have control over what decisions we make in a vast majority of these occasions. Therefore, if we can just get to those spots we need to be each day to engage in the activities we want to engage in, we give ourselves a better chance of achieving what we want.

When we don’t show up, we’re sending ourselves the message that we’re not a priority in our lives. When we don’t prioritize ourselves, we allow the day to defeat us, rather than defeating our day. This is ultimately when we find ourselves in ruts.

There are going to be days when we’re tired. There are going to be many days when we don’t have motivation. There are going to be days when the easier path seems like the one that’s more enticing. These are the days when showing up matters the most. Showing up will help make the habits we’re trying to develop in our chaotic lives. If we can at least show up each day, and give whatever our best is, we give ourselves a much better chance of developing lasting habits.

If we can at least show up and give our best that day, we are allowing ourselves numerous opportunities to develop ourselves. By showing up each day, we’re more likely to engage in personal development, and that engagement is always worth our while. I can’t think of a time when someone wished they didn’t follow through on something that they said they would.

Not only that, but we win the internal battles in our internal dialogue. We win the battles against our self-defeating thoughts by proving our own mind wrong. We showed up to the gym when we said we were too sore. We sat down to write when we said we didn’t have any ideas. We cooked a delicious meal when we said we were too tired to cook. We connected with that friend when we said we’d rather stay at home. We read part of that book that’s been on our reading list for weeks.

This type of consistent action and effort will build our confidence. It will build habits. When our confidence and habits are intertwined, we will experience a lot of small wins in life, which can lead to much larger wins that we hold in our goals and dreams.

So don’t hit that snooze button. Don’t miss those workouts. Don’t blame writer’s block. Don’t blame fatigue. Don’t blame your circumstances.

Show up instead, and put in the work.

You’ll be glad you did.

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