Creating Clarity

By Jimmy Warden

We all have ambitions we want to achieve in our lives. However, it often seems like a tall task to get to that point, so we often settle for the status quo. The status quo keeps us comfortable, but it’s a good comfortable. We feel safe when we’re doing what other people are doing. Ironically, this safety is what sometimes makes us feel trapped. Trapped in a life of being average.

If only we had more clarity on how we can raise the bar for our personal standards.

This is where questioning the status quo comes into play. I learned that asking a simple question can really help you identify the person you’d like to become. This question is: “What do I really want?”

I first learned about this question while listening to a podcast by Michael Gervais called “Finding Mastery”. This question is one that Gervais’ guest, author of Atomic Habits James Clear, asks himself daily. He writes what comes to mind to help generate a more clear idea of where he’d like to go with his life.

I also heard about a similar practice from another podcast by Paul Chek called “Living 4D with Paul Chek”, where Chek informs his listeners to ask themselves the question: “What is my dream?” The purpose of Chek’s question is similar to Clear’s because of the nature of its intent. Its intent is for the person asking the question to get some more clarity on what they truly want their life to be like.

Once there are some ideas in mind, the next part is to write down some action steps to get closer to that goal or dream. Once the action steps are written, there is now more clarity on what exactly to do to get a step closer to one’s dream.

So it begs the question, what do you really want? What is your dream?

You’ll never know if you don’t ask, and you’ll never know how close you could be if you don’t take action.

So what are you waiting for?

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