Changing Your Mind

By Jimmy Warden

Ideas aren’t tangible
by the way of human touch,
but we make a habit of it feeling like that
when we decide to worry too much.

Our ideas are merely constructs
of stories that we create,
so we can only blame ourselves
when it comes to the story of our fate,
so when it doesn’t play out way we’d like
we self-loathe and self-hate.
After events have already happened
it is simply too late,
because our fate is determined
by every decision that we make,
and it sucks when we make a mistake,
as our mind does double and triple takes.

So we need to remember,
when we’re caught in our narrative,
we need to call on our memory,
the type that’s declarative.
Declaring war on the negative thought cycle
because that war is imperative.

Our declarative memory
remembers the steps of a process.
Our thought pattern is one of them
but it’s time that we revise it.

Because if we continue down the paths
that lead us to worry
we’ll begin to sprint from fears
no longer will we scurry.
But if we can find an anchor,
knowing our thoughts are just a story,
maybe then we’ll have the courage
to face them and find glory.

The more that we can change them
to the plot we want it to be,
the more likely it is
that our mind will be more free.

Because reframing the dialogue
that occurs within our head
is possibly the greatest skill to develop
before the day we end up dead.

So much can change for us
if we can truly change our mind.
Just know that it’s a long, gritty process
we have to take one day at a time.

So let’s take control of the narrative
that is our very life,
let’s create our own circumstances
it’ll only happen if we try.

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