Where I’m At

By Jimmy Warden

Sometimes I wonder
where I’m supposed to be in life.
Sometimes is an understatement,
it’s more like all the time.

Because I feel like I’m meant
to do something bigger.
I can’t fully see it yet
I don’t have a clear picture,
but it’s not what I’m doing now,
it’s a bit of a different fixture.

I feel like my reach could be spread
across the nation and the world.
I feel like I have a message for everyone
that truly should be heard.

But where I’m at right now
makes it feel like that’s not occurring.
Even though I’m making quite the impact
it doesn’t feel too reassuring.

I want my influence
to be wider than a canyon.
Right now it’s not enough
that it only reaches my close companions.

Now that I’ve aged a bit,
getting closer to the age of 30,
I’ve become content with where I’m at,
because my influence is a certainty.

It certainly helps those
that are close within my circle.
As they learn from me and I learn from them
shared wisdom is the concentric circle.

We share wise depth with those we love
and its passed on like a ripple effect.
This is how our wisdom spreads
from counties to countries, nonetheless.

And that’s what life is all about,
so let’s keep on passing our wisdom on
knowing that the more we do
the more our legacy will live on.

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