My Best

By Jimmy Warden

I’m always trying to do my best,
I never want to settle for anything less,
but I must say this way of living
has caused me toxic stress.

Feeling like I’m never where
I truly want to be,
anytime someone compliments me
I wipe it off, as if it’s untrue,
feeling there’s always more to do.

I don’t know why I do this to myself,
maybe secretly I just enjoy it,
otherwise I wouldn’t keep repeating
these habits that are fully stored in

My brain.

Maybe I like being a masochist
because I like the pain I cause myself.
Believing I’ve never done my best
Makes me strive for nothing else.

What if one day I decided,
enough was really enough,
I accepted that my best is my best,
even during times that life is rough
Or is that idea just a bluff?

I wonder what it’d be like
if I really decided to play that hand.
That hand of accepting and moving on
it’s an idea that seems quite grand,

Not grandiose,
that’d be an ego overdose,
grand as in delightful,
I’d be as happy as a clam.

Because the knowledge that some days
Are going to be better than others
Is some of the finest knowledge we can possess,

If I just accept that
as fact
Maybe my best
will finally be.

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