Time for What?

By Jimmy Warden

What are you doing
With your time?
I don't like to waste yours,
But I'll sure as hell waste mine
Stealing meaningful minutes from my life
For that,
I'd do some hard time

But over the years I've learned
Time is our most valuable treasure
It must be treated like a gold mine
Rather than sitting and wondering
Why we make the same decisions
It's time we start to think
Be it with a little bit more precision 
That way we can make the most of our time
And really get to living
It's time for some changes
It's time to do what we truly desire
No more saying one thing and doing another
It's time we stopped being such liars
Because when it's all said and done
There will be no more kindling in our fire

Which is why we must live each and everyday 
To make our days count and truly matter
There is nothing else that we can do
That will make us any gladder

So figure out how you want to spend
The precious time it is you have
Hug your loved ones close
Learn to forgive and let go
Do not stay forever mad

Shed light into the world around you
Do something nice for yourself or others
Pick some trash up off the street
Call your sister or your brother
Your father or your mother
Call anyone you wish to talk to
It could even be your lover

Treat others the way you'd like 
Try to follow the Golden Rule
Work hard at what you're passionate about
Whether it's athletics or school
Video games or pool
Anything in between
Who cares if people think it's cool?

Because all we can do with the time we have
Is to simply do our very best
To love what we love and work through the hardships
We can honestly forget the rest
There's not enough time in our current lives
For the little things to cause us stress

Truly live your life while you can
Be aware of the universe's signs
That way you can take advantage of them
And make the best use of your time
We only get one journey of life
So make sure to enjoy the ride.

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