Thank You, Readers!

By Jimmy Warden

As a sign of gratitude for my 100th blog post, this post is dedicated to those that take the time from their daily lives to read this blog. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you do because it shows the respect each of you have for the time and effort that I try to put into this posts. If you’ve also gotten anything positive from reading these posts, I consider that a bonus! It is my intention to help others in specific facets of their lives with these posts. The fact that there are some of you that have personally reached out to discuss the impact this blog has had on you, with me, is simply mind blowing. These are the reasons I continue to write. Thank you readers, for giving me more purpose and meaning in my life.

Purpose and meaning are so special for people to have. They are the reasons we get out of bed in the morning. They are the reasons that we struggle through challenges in our lives. It’s purpose and meaning that are our driving forces. I’ve discussed that the purpose of this blog is to help others. Period. No matter how large or little the crowd of consumers may be, doesn’t make this blog any more or less meaningful to that crowd. That’s why I write the posts. That’s why you read them. That is meaningful to me. It’s meaningful to all of you. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I also wish that these posts have helped you find some more purpose and meaning in your lives. I hope that these posts have served as encouragement in some areas of life where you could use some encouragement. I sure know that your attention and feedback has been a big source of encouragement for me. So for that, I also thank you.

So here’s to you, readers. I wish you all the best this Thanksgiving season and beyond.

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