By Jimmy Warden

Life is all about perspective
It’s all about how you see it
So do you believe what’s in front of you
Or is it something else that you believe in?
What is it that you’re perceiving?
It can’t be what I see or understand
Because it’s different messages I’m receiving.

I try to see the world
For what it is and what it could be
Hoping our decisions of the now
Could turn that dream into reality.

I dream of this world I want
Knowing it’s closer than I think
As well as farther simultaneously
It’s this paradox that stinks

The optimism that I had
It’s that perspective that I desire
To see through all the negatives in my visual field
As the ideal picture begins to transpire

The craziest part of all of this
Perspective is something we can control
Because the thoughts and feelings that we have
Are what serves as perspective’s mold
This is a great truth
Not many of us are told

We try to change our perspective
But it’s our perspective that’s often lost
When two different viewpoints
Have an inevitable cross

It starts as a heated argument
That turns into personal attacks
Insults flying like fists and kicks
So much so, the conversation’s off track
I wonder if either of us took the time to think
Maybe it’s perspective we both lack.

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