You Reap the Benefits of What You Sow, When You Sow Everyday

By Jimmy Warden

There’s an old saying out there “you reap what you sow”. Now, this can have both negative or positive connotation. For this sake, we’re going to keep the main ideas positive. However, this concept can get a bit misconstrued when it comes to analyzing the actions we’re taking in our lives.

Essentially, the core meaning of “you reap what you sow” is “you get out what you put in”. For example, if we work hard and try your best, often times good things come to us as a result. However, this is not just a “one and done” action, this is consistent action over the course of weeks, months, and in many cases years. It is all context dependent as well because some things in life naturally take a bit longer to complete than others.

This process can be hard to understand in today’s world because we have a lot of instant gratification in our lives now. From instant likes on social media, to having food in your hands in minutes or seconds, to free 2-day Amazon shipping, to the stress relief of drugs or alcohol; we have a lot that we can turn to if we want something to happen to us in a short amount of time. However, we don’t always understand the repercussions of these decisions that we make. We believe these decisions are helping us in the short term, but each of these decisions is a cracked brick in the foundation of the life we’re trying to build. It isn’t until we have too many cracked bricks that we end up falling apart.

Another common misconception that we have about reaping the benefits of what we sow is thinking that we’ll be overnight successes. We receive this fuel from stories on social media, news channels, and the internet. We see and hear about people that came from nothing and turned themselves into something. We see and hear about someone who had a breakout performance or did something extraordinary for their community. What we don’t see is the work that that person put in during the time that it took them to go from nothing to something. The work doesn’t take place in one day, week, month, and often not even a year. These people often try to remind us about this, but we don’t listen because we just see how they operate in their “highlight videos” on their social media pages or in interviews with news channels. Behind every great success story is someone who was willing to make sacrifices in the short term, to prolong gratification, and continue to make the right decisions in times of challenge.

These challenges can come in many forms, and in order for us to reap the benefits of what we sow; it is important that we understand what our challenges are and how to face them. Once we have a clear picture of our challenges, we can start to figure out how we can face them. Know exactly what’s in the way of being the person we want to be. Knowing this information will unlock ideas about what changes in our lives we need to make to fulfill our potential. It starts with making one small, growth decision for ourselves. This can help lead to a snowball effect. Each positive decision makes the snowball grow a bit larger and it starts to pick up steam as it goes down the hill. That can be life’s momentum. Will there be obstacles in the way on the descent? Absolutely. Will it feel glorious? Not as often as we probably wish. However, more positive decisions will lead to less obstacles being able to slow us down. Eventually, we’ll get to a place where nothing can stop us. No matter how slow we may roll, we keep on rolling. Through obstacle after obstacle, day after day. Sure enough, we’ll look back, and proud of the person we’ve become. We’ll have reaped the benefits of what we’ve sown.

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