Rich Life

By Jimmy Warden

I just think there’s so much more to life
Than merely the things it is we see
From all the people and the places we go
To social media and tv

From the money in our bank accounts
To our brand new cars and clothes
From the fancy gadgets on wrists and in pockets
To the shoes that make us shout, “What are those?!?!”
Yes that’s a social media trend
That’s how I know I’m getting old
And the idea the more you have, the better your life
Is the saddest lie we’ve all been told

Because money and assets don’t make us happy
They just leave us craving more
As we compare our lives to lives of others
We consciously keep score
As we start to fall behind
We reach externally for life’s galore

Meanwhile on the inside
We just want to run and hide
Knowing collecting items and making money
Is really a waste of time
Because they don’t bring us true happiness
This leads us back to that lie

Having a rich life doesn’t constitute possession
But rather upon reflection
A rich life is one well lived
Where you’re aware of your self-perception

You know what you bring to the world
You understand how you affect others
So you strive to help as many as you can
From friends and family to your lover
Just trying to be a better you for them
Is a gift that gives like no other

The more that we connect
The more full it is we feel
Full of life, love, and jubilee
This richness helps us heal
Heal the wounds of years before
It’s connection that’s the real,
Rich part of the lives we live today
To me, that sounds like a deal

A deal to be present
And truly be in every moment
Applying what’s necessary in that circumstance
No need to calculate an opponent
Like how much money do they have
Is that car a rental or do they own it?
Because none of truly matters on death’s doorstep
As your loved ones receive condolence

So let’s forget about the things we have
Let’s hold our loved ones nice and tight
And send love to all those in our world
No need for animosity or a fight
Let’s all come together now
And unify for a rich life.

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