You Think?

By Jimmy Warden

I’ve always wondered if
Other people think as much as me
I don’t know if that’s the right thought to have
I say to myself, selfishly

When I think about that question
It gets pretty exhausting
As I keep on contemplating
My heart rate increases often

It’s not good for my health
Mental or physical
I don’t know what else to say
I’m trying to keep things literal

Speaking nothing but truth
Is something I try to do
I’d go as far to say
It’s my number one value

Which is why I’d like some answers
To the question that I ponder
How far does your mind take you?
How far does it tend to wander?

What are the ideas you think about?
What are the ideas that tend to stay?
What are the ideas that are bringing you down?
What are the ideas that give rise today?

I’m just so curious to know
To see what it’s like inside your mind
To see if yours is completely different
Or somewhat similar to mine

Is it battling similar wars?
Or is it waging its very own?
Is it winning the decisions of the day?
Or is the unconscious doing what it’s told?

The more that we can notice
The activity of our thoughts
The more likely that it will be
That we get to our desired spots

Whatever those might be
Whatever they are to you
Just know it’s waiting on the other side
As long as you stay true

Stay true to yourself
And know thoughts are merely thoughts

That way your clouded mind won’t get you.

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