Grateful, Part 2

By Jimmy Warden

I’m grateful for the sunrise
I’m grateful for the sunset
I’m grateful for the fact
I still haven’t reached my best yet

I’m grateful that I have
So much room to grow
I still have yet to reach
The places I don’t know

I’m grateful to explore them
Allowing intuition to take over
To guide me on the journey
I feel like a supernova

Reaching the boundary
Of what’s known and what’s unknown
Is the location at which
One’s true colors are shown

I’m grateful for those moments
Because my character gets revealed
I’m not a knight in shining armor
I’m just a man behind a shield

I’m grateful for the choice
To use my armor or put it down
All I know is when it’s off
Is when my true self is found

I’m grateful when others see me
As the man I really am
I’m grateful for when I see
The man that I really am

Even if I can’t
I stay grateful for the sun’s rays
As the circle of life continues
I stay grateful I have more days

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