Do What You Should Be Doing

By Jimmy Warden

Towards the end of July, I found myself in a bit of a lull. My energy felt a bit low, I didn’t have a desire to do much, and I could feel a part of me that was not pleased with what was happening. I knew I could be doing better. I knew there were things that I should be doing.

Often times in life, I find myself thinking of things that I should be doing while I’m doing something else. The things I should be doing range from exercising, meditating, writing, reading, studying, house chores, contacting people, and anything in between. The “something elses” are often sedentary behaviors like phone scrolling, television watching, and sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, sleep is vital for having energy each day to carry out what you want to do so it’s a necessity, but far too often I get sucked into the worlds of social media and comedy shows, and those time consumers are more controllable.

I’ve also found myself feeling pretty upbeat at times in my life. During those waves it feels like I’m executing on all cylinders and nothing can stop me. I’m doing the things that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Sure I won’t get to every one of them every day, but I’m doing them consistently enough so that they’re a significant part of my life. Think about it. Anything you do every other day, let alone every day for that matter, is a significant part of your life. These are the things you’re doing when you’re not sleeping, eating, cleaning and maintaining yourself, or working.

The challenge with these ways of living is they contradict each other. Not only that, but they’re not too far from each other. It all boils down to the decisions that we make each and every single day. Each decision leads to another decision and these are often the paths of least resistance. That’s part of the reason why we tend to “crash” mentally and physically after significant feats. That’s part of the reason why it’s hard to stay consistent with what we do every day.

Everyone (generally speaking) wants to do better than what they’re doing right now. They’re probably also seeking improvement in several different “domains” in life; physical health, mental health, financial security, stronger relationships, better occupation, you get the drill. With that said, how many of us are making the decisions we need to be making in order to move us forward in some of those domains?

I know I for one could be more consistent. If you’re feeling the same way, just know you’re not alone. Keep getting up. Keep dusting yourself off. Keep thinking. Keep experimenting. And keep going. I’ll be right there with you.

3 thoughts on “Do What You Should Be Doing

  1. Love how honest and inspiring you are.

    I had the same problem: before bed, I would start scrolling social media and before I knew it, it was hours later. My life was being consumed.

    One of the greatest changes I’ve made in my life was cutting social media out altogether.

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