By Jimmy Warden

I’m afraid I’ll never be enough
Not tough enough
Not smart enough
Not talented enough
Not aware enough
Not proud enough
Not doing enough
Man, it’s rough

But until I realize enough is enough
I’ll never be enough

That day has yet to come
As I still struggle to see my worth
What I don’t know is how I’ve always had value
Since the day my mother gave birth

Once I stepped into the world
I knew I had to leave my mark
So I’ve done so many things in life
To find my passion and creative spark
So that when my day to die arrives
I’ll go out with a legacy
Like that of Tony Stark

Leaving the world behind
In a better place than it was found
My legacy being one that thousands remember
Wouldn’t that be resound?

All of this potential
Is what makes feel like I have to be
Some kind of superhuman person
So when I die my soul can be free

But I came to a conclusion recently
Which has helped take away some of life’s suck
And it’s a simple and friendly reminder
That sometimes, being is enough

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