The Beauty of Life

By Jimmy Warden

Take a look around
Tell me what you see
Is it what you’d like?
Is it your ideal dream?

Are you living out your dream?
Or is there something holding you back?
Are you going through hard times?
Are you feeling off?
Like a train off track?

It’s these hard times we need
In order to celebrate the great ones
Just because you’re going through it now
Doesn’t mean that’s all that will come
There’s greatness on your horizon
As long as you don’t succumb
To all of the difficulties
That make us feel numb
To the point that we think
It’s life that has won

But the beauty of life
Is that every day can be a win
It’s all about the outlook we have
That determines whether we enjoy it
Or feel that it’s grim

So take a deep breath
Enjoy the air and the world around
Take a moment to take a break
And notice all of life’s sounds
Be here in the moment
Feel your feet on the ground
Know that beauty is found within
Which means you have the power
To turn your circumstances around

Don’t look for relief
Because you must relieve yourself
It is you that is the force
That takes you out of the hell
That your mind is currently trapped in
To break it out of its shell

Now that your perspective is open
You have more insight about the world
No longer are you fixed in your thinking
You see all its potential unfold

You see past the rigid exteriors
You see the beauty inside
Then you come to understand
That that’s the beauty of life

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