Like a River

By Jimmy Warden

A river is always moving,
Life can feel the same.
Until we get caught up in choices
And the flow stops inside our brain.

As thoughts and choices create a current
We can’t seem to pull ourselves free,
All of a sudden we’re drowning in the current
It’s making it hard to breath.
We can’t escape our current mode of thinking and being
We have no idea how to break free.
So we look for advice from others,
But we realize they’re swimming upstream
Then we think, is there anyone out there?
That can truly help me?

Soon we hear a voice
No idea from where it came,
“Trust the river” it said
Soon the river seemed more tame.

But then thoughts and questions arose
Like, where does the river go?
Does anybody know?
What happens if I trust its flow?

The voice exclaimed
So I let go of the thinking rock I held
And the upstream swimmers stopped just the same

And now we were all moving
All in the same direction
As the current slowed to a flow
It caught everyone’s attention
As the thinking rocks passed us by
It seemed to increase our perception
That the more we enjoy life’s ebbs and flows
The more we head in the right direction
Because even a river knows

There’s no such thing as perfection.

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