Our Common Mortality

By Jimmy Warden

It is the ultimate conundrum
To this day, it still exists
The one thing we have in common
Is a timeline that insists
We’ve finished our time on Earth
Some say it brings them bliss

Others say it brings them anxiety
The biggest fear that they face
Not knowing what to expect
When their heart no longer keeps pace
Because the afterlife isn’t for everyone
The uncertainty is without mistake
The most daunting thing about death
To that, most can relate

What’s really going to happen?
Will I really reach Heaven’s gate?
Will I see Buddha when I die?
Will he invite me to sit and meditate?
No one knows until they go, no matter what their faith

I guess you could call that fate

So why spend time on Earth
Being so concerned of what’s to come
Knowing there’s still so much more to do
There is plenty of work that needs to be done
And next time there’s a setting sun

We can smile at it,
Even if we’re about to cease to exist
Knowing we did the best we could
With the life we lived.

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