Beginnings of Change

by Jimmy Warden

I don’t know what it’s like
To live in America and be black
But I have experienced the feeling
Of what it’s like to be attacked

I know that’s not how to live
I know that’s not the way
But black people in America
Experience this every day
In more ways than I’m aware of
And no that’s not okay
So I’m challenging myself to learn
I’m beginning this change today
Because it really isn’t okay
To not try to understand their stories
Their oppression and their pain
No they’re not insane
Rioting is the voice of the unheard
So they riot and shout his name
So that we can remember his name
And all the other names
To change the systemic racism game
And finally bring forth real change
But that only happens if WE change

Nothing changes if nothing changes
So it’s time for changes to be made

It’s time to walk in arms
With our neighbors that are black
It’s time for us to stand as one
That will be the strongest attack
Let’s fight together with all of our strength
Until we all take America back.

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