by Jimmy Warden

They say, if you know you know
But what about when we don’t know?
Do we know that we don’t know?
Or do we try to play it off
Like we’re the star of our own show
And our knowing is the determinant
Of whether the audience stays or goes
Because they don’t want to hear about the cons
They just want to hear about the pros
Don’t you know?

To cover up our lack of knowledge
We conjure up little white lies
That extends our current framework
Which seems like a good idea at the time
Knowing the only way that could get us caught
Is if someone argues from the other side
And this is the reason I gravitate
Towards people with views like mine
And I know that others do too
It’s a pattern I saw with my eyes

That way we can all agree
On everything that we say
Not knowing anything more than we already do
Intellectually, we’ve decided to stay
However our decision of stagnation
Should be one up for contemplation
Because staying in the same place
Leads to an individual’s deterioration
And it starts with our imagination
Soon we begin to feel frustration
Because we have so much determination
To tell everyone how smart we are

Like our knowledge is something we have to prove
Over and over to me and you
So we recite our prepared argument
Then wait and see if others believe it’s true
Because we’ve forgotten that real knowledge
Is when we learn something new

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