Great Expectations

By Jimmy Warden

Whatever we expect of life

Comes from ideas inside our head

Ideas that we’ve played and replayed

Over and over again

The ideal picture continues to play

Like a movie on a screen

But when we open our eyes

Gone is the movie scene

Life is no longer what it seemed

Because we’ve opened our eyes

To the facts of reality,

But how can that be?

Why isn’t it like that dream?

It’s because life isn’t perfect

Like a movie is at times,

So when life hits us between the eyes

And makes us wonder why

To the point we’re ready

To break down and cry

What we fail to realize

Is we’re the vehicle and the obstacle

To living our best lives

So put on a smile

And give it your best

Expect it from yourself

Just know life will put you to the test

So just sit back

And enjoy life’s ride

And be like the ocean

And go with the tide

Now be sure to remember

If this is what you do

The right place is where the tide

Will surely bring you

And amidst those currents

Even your wildest dreams will come true

So just enjoy the ride

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