The Conviction of…

By Jimmy Warden

Oh, it feels so good
As you take that first sip
And it hits your lips
It’s even better than the most tender kiss
It’s of utter bliss
Making you want to repeat this.

Repeat this feeling of warmth, love, and energy nonetheless
What am I talking about?
You might ask,
I’m curious to hear your guess.
I want to know if you’re smarter than the rest
By being correct with your guess.

It comes in many varieties,
Different sizes, shapes, and colors,
Different thickness and textures
But still similar to each other.

It feeds a habit for those that use it
Hell most even abuse it,
I know I do
And I bet you do too.

We don’t recognize it as something
That can be alarming
Because there are other things in the world
That are doing more of the harming.
So we dismiss it as a cultural norm
And allow the abuse to take its fullest form

Now there’s a cloud above us
And it feels like a storm
That has drained us of our energy
All in favor of the cultural norm
So let’s control this cultural norm
And allow humans to take a truer form
So that they can unleash their greatest form

So let’s stop the Brain dependence
And stop our psychological addiction
And release ourselves
From our coffee conviction.

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