When Times Are Tough

By Jimmy Warden

Someone said they’d let their little light shine
I would say now is a good time
To bring back that shine
Because we all need a little brightness
In our day.
As we stand here today
We patiently wait until the doctors and nurses say
That it’s finally okay
To give someone a hug
And show each other some love
In a genuine, physical embracing kind of way.
However, until that day
We can still say “hey”
Or “how are you?”
”I’m good and you?”
”Me too. I know life’s hard right now,
But is there anything for you or your family we could do?”
”Oh wow, thank you! If you’re heading to the market, maybe just a thing or two?”
”Sure thing, neighbor, just write a list of what you need!”
”Oh man, I’m so grateful for this, in times like these!”
So even in one simple exchange
Someone’s day can be made
Just by asking if they’re okay,
And if there’s anything
You can do, for them

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