The Ultimate Game

by Jimmy Warden

It’s a game where we shouldn’t shouldn’t keep score,
but we all keep score, to see who has more.
More money, more fame, it’s all part of the game,
of which we know its name,
and that is life.

Life comes at you fast, quicker than a flash
Because we’re here and gone in a dash
and there’s no slowing down.
Which can turn the smiles to frowns
in the blink of an eye, some might wonder why,
but have you ever felt what it’s really like to cry?

These are the moments that shake us and break us
but on a positive note, they can make us.
Make us stronger than we ever imagined
and stopping in awe thinking,
“How did this happen?”

How did I overcome such a traumatic defeat?
One that knocked me off my feet, onto my knees,
praying and hoping it would one day be beat.
Now that time has come and passed
and it’s such a triumph now it’s gone,
such a shame it did not last.

This is the battle of us
it is what lurks inside,
but far too often we go run and hide.
This is when we get caught in the trap
of whose got this and whose got that
because we need to know who the winner is.

If we cared less about this and less about that
and we started to give a crap about the little things,
we might actually go far.
From the children who sing, as the freedom bell rings,
to the people who are teachers, or pastors, or preachers
to the lawyers, to the doctors, to the sports fans in the bleachers
to the nurses, to the vets, and the vets who once served and couldn’t rest
until they knew our country was safe.

So let’s do this for each other,
not for me or your very own mother,
but for each and every last one,
so that when our lives are done,
we’ll all have won

The Game.

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