Mindset by Jimmy Warden

There needs to be less talk
And it should be replaced by action.
We get confused and scared in life
Feeling like we’ve lost traction.
We have big dreams and goals,
But of them we complete just a fraction
Because it seems in this day and age
There’s just too much distraction.
How did it get to this?
How could we let this happen?

It’s all a function of our mindset,
The way our brain thinks and operates.
Some people think traits are permanent
And human output is innate
While others would disagree
And believe we all create our own fate.

Now you have to ask yourself,
Which side do I lean to?
Which mindset is my truth?
I am at such a crossroads
Because I’m a combination of the two.
For everyone else, that is also true.

We are functions of what we feed
We become the thoughts in our brain,
Which means we are responsible
When we begin to go insane.

Yes, that’s right
We’re the ones to blame.
Isn’t that just a shame?
Some may think I’m saying this in vain
And want me to burn in flames,
But it’s thoughts like that
That tell me I’ve won the mindset game.

If life is what it’s “supposed” to be
Then we should all be “living the dream”,
But that’s just not reality
Because things aren’t always what they seem.
Which is why we need to see the positives
And absorb the greatness in life
Because the wrath of regret
Cut deeper than a knife.

So go out, just dance, and be happy
Don’t compare yourself to others,
Because we’re are all the same species
And should just love one another.
So let’s support that movement
And live with authenticity
Because at the end of the day
That is what will make you happy.

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